Scavenger Hunt

Today I had an amazing time completing a scavenger hunt with Fletch designed by my friend and co-worker, Judi.
It was absolutely wonderful.
Judi knew we had a wedding to go to near her home and she wanted us to go check out her place.
She was going to be out of town so she created a scavenger hunt to lure us to her home.
It involved photos and activities that we had to complete.

One activity was to eat blackberries that grew along a beautiful path that we walked.
This is me after the delicious snack.


The next task was to throw rocks off of this bridge.


Judi put together a treasure chest for us that included some yummy surprises and a tool for the next task.




I had to use these flip flops to walk in the river near her home.
It was very cold but refreshing on this beautiful day!


Our last task was to sit at the fire pit and enjoy our spoils.
It was a great way to spend the day.


Thanks Judi for such a wonderful time!!
We hope to come out and visit you again soon!



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