365 Project – Days 193, 194, 195, & 196

August 12th, Day 193:

Day 193 Aug 12

I am lucky to have such wonderful friends.
My dear friend, Amanda, is almost done studying law and I cannot wait to have her back!
She came for a visit and we had a great time eating and laughing.
Those are my two favorite things to do, so you can imagine that I enjoyed it.
Amanda has been a close friend for a long time now and I am so very thankful to have her in my life.
She is supportive and caring.
Friendship is a beautiful thing.

August 13th, Day 194:
Day 194 Aug 13

I love my job. It is challenging, busy, and a ton of fun.
When people ask me what I want from life I try to answer simply.
I want to be happy.
I want to have a job that I enjoy and friends that love and support me.
I am 24 and I think I am doing pretty well.
I have some amazing friends and an incredible partner.
I have a job, and a cute office space, that makes me happy and brings me great joy.

August 14th, Day 195:

Day 195 Aug 14

This is my attempt at being artsy.
This was honestly the most difficult project I have undertaken.
The paint wouldn’t stick and the stencil I tried originally was bleeding paint. I was so flustered!
It was a huge pain.
With that said, I am so happy I did it!
It challenged me and forced me to problem solve.
It took two weeks and now that it is finished it looks great!
What do you think?

August 15th, Day 196:

Day 196 Aug 15

Remember those great friends I told you about?
Well, two of them I work with and we had a coffee date!
Work has been hectic and just getting away to chat really helps the day fly by.
Brandy and Becky are two amazing ladies and they help make work so fun!
I am so thankful I have so many wonderful co-workers.

I hope that on days when you feel like nothing is going right you can step back and appreciate all that is good in this world.
It may seem like I am always chipper but that isn’t always the case.
I have difficult days.
We all do.
The trick is to focus on the good.
Focus on the wonder of a child.
Or the beauty you see in a flower.
Since I started focusing on the positive in life I have noticed my overall demeanor change.
I am a happier person.
Get out there and find your happy.



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