365 Project – Days 189, 190, 191, & 192

August 8th, Day 189:
Day 189 Aug 8

The last few weeks at work have been hectic. At work we were busy getting ready for our big 125 year celebration.
It was very exciting.
Becky and I, of Bold+Studded, worked on getting everything ready before the big party.
One of our tasks was to blow up a ton of balloons.
These are just a few.
We had a great time laughing and breaking balloons.
Not many people can say that they have such a good time at their job.
I am pretty lucky.

August 9th, Day 190:
Day 190 Aug 9

The party we have been working on at work is finally over!
It is a little bitter sweet.
This party was a main focus of my everyday life at work for the past two months and in a single day it was over.
It was a busy day for us in the marketing department.
The day was spent running around setting up games, hanging signs, and making sure that our helpers knew what to work on.
It was an exhausting day but the party was a huge success!
To celebrate our big day Becky and I went out for a drink!
We had a lovely time going over the success of the party and discussing our favorite parts.
It was the perfect way to start the weekend.

August 10th, Day 191:
Day 191 Aug 10

Fletch and I went to see Five Iron Frenzy (FIF) this weekend.
It was amazing!
I was still sore from the busy day at work on Friday but I fought through it to enjoy the concert.
We had a great time dancing to Mike Herrera of MxPx and jumping around to FIF.
This is the music that Fletch grew up with and I was happy to share the experience with him.
We even met Mike Herrera!
Fletch was extremely excited to meet him.
I believe it was the highlight of the evening.
We love going out to shows and discovering new music.

What was the last show you went to?

August 11th, Day 192:

Day 192 Aug 11

On Friday, in celebration of the party being over, Becky and I went and got my nose pierced!
We had a tough time finding a place that was open.
I guess piercers don’t have typical business hours.
We went to three different shops and the last one finally had someone to take care of us!
We wound up at Brass Monkey Tattoo in Lakewood and their piercer, Chris, took care of us.
I always forget how much it hurts when you get a needle stuck through your skin.
Well, at least it looks cute!
I have wanted to get this done for a very long time and was happy to share the experience with my dear friend, Becky.
It definitely makes it more memorable when you have a good friend with you.



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