365 Project – Days 184, 185, 186, 187, & 188

August 3rd, Day 184:

Day 184 Aug 3

My friend Justin and I love going thrift store shopping and antiquing.
We were out and about when we noticed a main road blocked off.
We stopped to check it out and before we knew it we were in the middle of a car show.
We walked about and looked at the cars but wound up in a cute little refurbish shop.
All of the furniture was repainted which brought new life to each piece.
It inspired me to fancy up a bookshelf I recently purchased!
I will share those photos when I finish–don’t you worry!

August 4th, Day 185:

Day 185 Aug 4

On Sundays I typically wrap up chores around the home.
Dishes, laundry, that type of thing.
I was finishing up this load of laundry when I turned and noticed my sweet little Lily laying on this pile of clothes.
Adorable, right?!
She loves warmth and these newly dried clothes served as a perfect nap-time spot.
Lily frequently reminds me of the simple joys in life.
I appreciate that about her.

August 5th, Day 186:

Day 186 Aug 5

Another sunny day here in Washington.
That means milkshake time!
Fletch and I love going to our favorite shake place: Shake Shake Shake.
It is a great way to relax and enjoy some bonding time.
I appreciate moments like these.

August 6th, Day 187:

Day 187 Aug 6

I can always find beauty in my neighborhood.
Just a few streets down from my apartment complex there is a gorgeous home.
It looks a bit like a mansion.
I love walking by it and imagining what is inside.
Fletch and I were walking by when I noticed this car.
How perfect for a sunny day!
Maybe one day I will get to ride around in a snazzy car like this!

August 7th, Day 188:

Day 188 Aug 7

I am so excited to tell you about my evening!
Fletch and I shared a meal with the always lovely Cate and Luke.
I first met Cate in college. We had a class together and when she shared her opinion it was always eloquent and thoughtful.
I was drawn to her and was determined to get to know her.
I can happily say that we have been friends for the past five years and I am glad I said hello to her on a daily basis.
She is a generous, caring individual who has found a wonderful partner in Luke.
Fletch and I love going over to their place for conversation and amazing food made by Cate.
She can feed me anytime.



One thought on “365 Project – Days 184, 185, 186, 187, & 188

  1. I love reading your sight. It’s wonderful that you know to take time and enjoy the simpler things in life. Till next time


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