Matt Nathanson Concert

I promised more information about my Matt Nathanson experience and here it is!
I made friends with the ladies in front of me and we had a blast chatting and waiting for our favorite, Matt Nathanson!


Since we were the first people in line we got to meet Matt himself!
It was awesome!!


Not only did we get to meet him but we were also asked to complete fan interviews!


We were right up front for the show!


This was the best experience ever!
Words cannot describe how happy I was to meet him, talk about how wonderful he is, and to watch him perform!
Thank you Pandora and T-Mobile for a memorable evening!

Have you had an amazing experience at a concert? Tell me about it! I would love to hear!



One thought on “Matt Nathanson Concert

  1. Would love to hear more! How early did you have to get there to enjoy the big prize? I love the new way of signing your name. Looks like you all had a memorable evening.


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