365 Project – Days 176, 177, 178

July 26th, Day 176:

Day 176 July 26

I typically don’t pay them any mind.
Their color isn’t extraordinary and they are common around my neighborhood but on this day, I thought they were beautiful..
I would like to learn how to make those pretty flower crowns and these daisies would be perfect.
One day I will and I will take a photo.

July 27th, Day 177:

Day 177 July 27

Fletch is an amazing doggy father.
We went for a nice walk in the park to check out the booths at the ethnic fair and Fletch was very sweet with Lily.
She was a bit overwhelmed by the attention and Fletch was there to kneel next to her and ease her fear.
I love being out and about with my wonderful family.

July 28th, Day 178:

Day 178 July 28

These are leaves.
I was having a very difficult time getting the lighting right.
After reviewing my photos I decided that I really enjoyed this one.
I thought the shape of the leaves were unique and eye catching.
What I like about the shadowing is that it shows off their shapes.
What a pleasant accident!
I am glad I took this.



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