365 Project – Days 172, 173, 174 & 175

July 22nd, Day 172:

Day 172 July 22

It is summer time which means long walks after work through the neighborhood.
Down the street from my apartment there is a cute green scooter.
This scooter.
I always see it parked on the sidewalk but never see it driven.
I love seeing this cute little guy but I wish it was out there seeing the world.
Imagine all the places it could go if just taken out.
I wonder where it will travel in the future.

July 23rd, Day 173:

Day 173 July 23

It has been pretty hot around here.
Fletch and I have been taking walks daily in an attempt to stay active and enjoy the sun.
So far, so good!
I have been really enjoying our time together on these walks.
On our walks we put away our phones and just chat about our days.
I love our time together.

July 24th, Day 174:

Day 174 July 24

My dear friend, Becky, was so very sweet to me today.
I am typically a very upbeat individual at work.
For the most part, I maintain my perky demeanor.
It was only for a moment that I let myself get down and that was when Becky was there for me.
She encouraged me with her words and smile.
With that, I felt better.
Becky took it one step further.
She surprised me with a coffee to cheer me up.
I am so very thankful to have such a wonderful person in my life.
She may never know how much it touched me for her to do such a simple yet loving thing.
Well, she may know if she reads this.
We will see.

July 25th, Day 175:

Day 175 July 25

I purchased myself a new toy for my camera!
It bounces the flash up so the light isn’t as harsh on the subject.
I am very excited to use this and will show you the results!
I purchased this from Photojojo!
I absolutely love this store and I am sure you can find something cool at this shop.



One thought on “365 Project – Days 172, 173, 174 & 175

  1. Your work is just beautiful and is getting even better with your new camera. You have a great eye for selecting what shots to take. My favorite this week is the scooter and the flower. Look forward to the next ones.


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