365 Project – Days 168, 169, 170, & 171

July 18th, Day 168:

Day 168 July 18

I have been attempting to grow my photography skills by taking photos of different subjects, well other than just flowers.
This was my attempt at capturing moving water.
It is tough getting the right shutter speed!
I am very excited to continue to improve and learn more.
I absolutely love photography and I am thankful to be able to practice it daily.
What a lovely life I live!

July 19th, Day 169:

Day 169 July 19

What a wonderful Friday!
I came into work and was surprised by doughnuts from my boss and that afternoon I got my car back from the shop!
I appreciated this act of kindness from my boss. There was no special occasion for her generosity. She just wanted to do something nice for my department.
These are the moments I love.
She wanted to do something to brighten our day and she did just that.
Maybe we should all use this as an example and do more for others.

July 20th, Day 170:

Day 170 July 20

Over the weekend I took time to organize my life a little bit. That included making an inventory of all of my cameras.
I knew I had a lot of cameras but man, I did not realize just how many.
I have 35. That is right. I have 35 cameras in my possession.
Of course that made me want to play with them which led to this photo here.
I tested out my Polaroid cameras and these are the photos they took.
The first three didn’t turn out because the film had gone bad.
What a shame, I know.
This film now costs around $25 and comes with eight exposures.
Polaroid was once a cheap, fun way to collect memories and now it is an expensive way to take artsy photos.
That is neither here nor there.
The point is that I love testing out my cameras and I love to share them with others!
I have been thinking about starting a film club where we go around town taking photos and having fun.
What do you think?
Would you join?

July 21st, Day 171:

Day 171 July 21

Another sunny day here in Tacoma.
My friend Justin and I decided to take photos around Tacoma.
We started off here.
I love the waterfront!
I enjoy seeing others walking around and having a lovely time outside.
I noticed this little boy throwing rocks into the water.
He was having a great time!
It fascinates me that children can be entertained by the simplest of tasks.
I hope that I can learn to appreciate the little moments and be happy with where I am in life.

In unrelated news…
After seeing more and more acts of kindness made by my friends and strangers it has me thinking–
What could I do to help brighten other people’s days?
One of my new goals: Do something nice for another person daily.
What are some things you have witnessed others do?
What acts of kindness have you done?
I would love to hear about it! Tell me about it in the comment section!



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