365 Project – Days 164, 165, 166, & 167

July 14th, Day 164: 

Day 164 July 14

Summer days.
It is a time for children to play and frolic.
I was excited to find some artwork that some neighborhood kids left behind.
When I was young I would draw flowers and stick figures and suns. I drew what I knew and what was easy.
I was surprised that instead of drawing only simple pictures they drew this.
“You are beautiful.”
A simple thought, a simple kindness but a wonderful reminder of the beauty in the world.
If we are kind to one another we can make the world a better place.
The words of a child came through to brighten my day.
Thank you.

July 15th, Day 165:

Day 165 July 15

I hate spiders.
I mean really hate.
I am even scared of their webs.
It is difficult to go on walks when you are constantly being frightened by the world around you.
That is why I took a photo of this.
It may be difficult to see but it is a spider on a spider web. It is hanging from a tree and connected to the ground by a single thread.
I shuddered every time I got close for a photo.
It was the scariest thing I have done in a long time.
It was completely worth it.
I challenged myself and it paid off. I am still very scared but I can see a type of beauty in them.
What a reward!
As long as they do not get close to me or make their webs near me, a beauty!

July 16th, Day 166:

Day 166 July 16

My dear Fletch.
We were out for a walk, like we do most nights, when we noticed a box near the sidewalk.
At closer inspection we saw that it was a poem box.
It said, “Take a poem, leave a poem.”
It was lovely.
We stood there and read the poem left in the box.
What a wonderful and brave thing.
You bare your soul in poetry. With this box you can share your inner most thoughts with complete strangers.
I am thankful for this little gift.
Maybe I will share something someday.

July 17th, Day 167:

Day 167 July 17

You know I love flowers.
Taking photos of nature allows me to remember and appreciate the beauty in the world around me.
I live in a pretty great place!
Since starting my 365 project I have found much more joy in life through appreciating these little beauties.
A flower on a sunny day can bring me out of a funk and make me feel excited about life.
A smile or a hug from a friend reminds me of the warmth in the world and can turn around my day.
I am so very happy to live and hopefully encourage others to let go of the little things that frustrate us and instead collect the little moments that make us smile.



One thought on “365 Project – Days 164, 165, 166, & 167

  1. Hilary, you and your cameras are taking amazing pictures. I enjoy them and your comments and descriptions of what you are seeing. Thank you for sharing, Aunt Jo.


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