365 Project – Days 156, 157, 158, & 159

July 6th, Day 156:

Day 156 July 6

I recently purchased a new 50mm lens for my camera. I was very excited to test it out this last weekend! My camera traveled with me as my trusty companion. Where I went, it went. I have decided that I want to be known as the person that always has their camera with them. I want to capture every moment, every memory I can.
I am practicing my technique and by taking photos in every type of lighting I can really master my camera’s settings.
This photo is of a flower in my neighborhood. I love the blue of the sky. It is beautiful. I love finding moments like these. Moments when I stop and just stare up.
I took this with my Canon Rebel T4i.

July 7th, Day 157:

Day 157 July 7

More flowers!
Many of my neighbors keep beautiful yards which makes it easy for me to find beauty in the world! After reviewing my photos from my walk, this is the photo that stood out. I was surprised to see how well it turned out. It is partly thanks to my new lens but also to my practice!
I find great joy in taking photos.
I hope you enjoy viewing them!
I snapped this photo with my Canon Rebel T4i.

July 8th, Day 158:

Day 158 July 8

My boss and I went to a cake shop and got to plan our company’s birthday cake! While we didn’t get to enjoy any samples we did take back a few yummy cupcakes!!
Sara is obviously enjoying her cupcake!
It was the perfect way to start our afternoon.
A simple act of kindness can completely make your day.
Thanks boss!
.I took this with my Canon Rebel T4i.

July 9th, Day 159:

Day 159 July 9

Here is something you may not know about me.
I love Doctor Who.
I mean really love. I have many different Doctor Who themed items and have a section of my desk devoted to the show. Above is my adipose stress toy. I won’t take the time to explain what he is but I will tell you about the happiness he brings to my daily work life. Just looking at him or squeezing him makes me smile.
Sometimes that is all it takes.
Thank you, little adipose stress toy!
I snagged this photo with my Canon Rebel T4i.



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