365 Project – Days 151, 152, 153, 154, & 155

July 1st, Day 151:
Day 151 July 1

I love this little dress. I purchased it on ModCloth on sale for $30 bucks! It was an amazing find and I am very happy with it.
It is nice to treat yourself every once in a while.
I took this with my Canon Rebel T4i.

July 2nd, Day 152:
Day 152 July 2

Today I took a photo of the sky. As the day faded into night I snapped this photo.
What beauty. Catching the last bit of light fills me with great joy.
This was taken with my Canon Rebel T4i.

July 3rd, Day 153: Day 153 July 3
An amazing night with amazing friends. As you may remember I am really enjoying my new co-workers. This evening I invited them over for drinks and chatting. I had my first mimosa and it was glorious! I loved spending time with everyone.
I took this with my Canon Rebel T4i.

July 4th, Day 154:
Day 154 July 4

This fourth of July I spent the day with my wonderful partner, Fletch. We slept in, relaxed, and made dinner together. We attempted to make Ranch Chicken Pasta. We had a few issues with making the sauce but once we got past that it was pretty easy! It turned out well and I think we can definitely make adjustments to improve it for the future.
I look forward to trying out more recipes with Fletch in the future!
I snapped this with my Canon Rebel T4i.

June 5th, Day 155:

Day 155 July 5

Friday was an amazing day! I spent the morning with Fletch, got my hair done, and spent the night with Jon and Becky. I had a wonderful time with some pretty great people. What more could you ask for!? I also got to take Becky to Shake Shake Shake for the first time! She loved it! The design of the joint is adorable and makes me love it even more! Why not go to a cute place that has delicious food and shakes?
I love it!
I am so thankful to have so many lovely people in my life.
I snapped these with my iPhone.



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