365 Project – Days 147, 148, 149, & 150

June 27th, Day 147:

Day 147 June 27

Yummy pizza!
My department recently went on a retreat. It was a lot of fun! We played games and discussed ways to improve. It was a lovely time. I am very happy to be a part of such a wonderful team. I have wonderful co-workers and can’t wait to move forward with them.
This was taken with my Canon Rebel T4i.

June 28th, Day 148:

Day 148 June 28

The weather has been very hot! I am not used to the weather and it has been pretty difficult. Knowing of the hot weather to come, I invited Anna, my dear friend, to milkshakes. We went to Shake Shake Shake and decided to walk around the area.
One of my favorite movies is 10 Things I Hate About You. In case you did not know, Stadium in Tacoma is the school it was filmed at. It is a beautiful school. One day I hope to go inside! Anna and I enjoyed walking around and reminiscing about our lives and the movie.
I took this with my Canon Rebel T4i.

June 29th, Day 149:

Day 149 June 29

One of Fletch’s favorite bands is Marvelous 3. He loves them! Imagine my amazement when I found this shirt at the Goodwill.
I have been with Fletch for almost four years and his way of showing excitement is very different from mine. When he surprises me I squeal and jump around. He usually quietly says, “oh thank you! Yeah, it is great.” I try and try to get more of a reaction but  nothing ever works!
Until this.
Fletch squealed. I could not believe it. I wish I videoed it. I am not sure if I will ever get that reaction again.
I am so happy that I could bring such joy to Fletch. It is something I always hoped for.
It was amazing.
I took this with my Canon Rebel T4i.

June 30th, Day 150:

Day 150 June 30

It has been an interesting weekend. I had fun but also got a lot done! Overall, it was pretty great!
Today I thought i’d try taking a self-portrait. This is my first photo in a car mirror! How exhilarating!
I obviously took this with my Canon Rebel T4i.
I hope you enjoy my photos!



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