365 Project – Days 140, 141, & 142

June 20th, Day 140:
Day 140 June 20

Fletch and I went to see the band called Said the Whale. It was an amazing show!! The band sounded great and they played all of my favorite songs.It was completely worth staying up late on a Thursday night.

I took this with my iPhone.

June 21st, Day 141:

Day 141 June 21

I had the opportunity to spend the evening with my good friend, Jessica. We ate dinner, had desert, and looked at clothes. It was a lovely time. I really enjoyed spending time with her. Jessica will be moving soon and I want to treasure every moment we have left together.

I snapped this with my Canon Rebel T4i.

June 22nd, Day 142:

Day 142 June 22

I hope you are enjoying my new blog! The look is different but I think it better demonstrates who I am and vibe of the blog. This weekend my friend took some photos of me for my blog. I will upload the photos as soon as Justin is done editing them. It was a wonderfully sunny day.
I enjoyed spending time with people I care about.
I took this photo with my Canon Rebel T4i.



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