365 Project – Days 137, 138, & 139

June 17th, Day 137:

Day 137 June 17

My co-worker, Sara, threw this funny looking peanut at me. At the time it didn’t have a face. The face was drawn on. Sara and I thought it would be funny if we drew a face on it and left it for Becky, our other co-worker, to find.

I love that I can do silly little things like this with the people I work with. Work is a place where I spend the majority of my waking hours and I am lucky enough to have some wonderful co-workers.
I took this with my iPhone.

June 18th, Day 138:

Day 138 June 18

I am loving my new Canon Rebel T4i. After months of searching I finally found a camera that I love at a price I could afford. I am very excited to share new quality photos with you.

On my walk I saw this cute little house. Lily was running about, trying to eat a leaf, when I noticed it. The light green combined with the purple accents. It peaks through the trees as if to say, “hello there!” I can’t help but smile at this little house.
I took this with my Canon Rebel T4i.

June 19th, Day 139:

Day 139 June 19

Fletch and I went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood. It is supposed to rain the next few days so we wanted to enjoy the weather while we could.
Our lease is up soon which means we are looking around for a new place to call home. I saw this interesting apartment complex and had to snap a photo. The triangle design combined with the bright color really caught my eye. I love little places like this.
They are unique and interesting.
I like that.

I took this with my Canon Rebel T4i.



2 thoughts on “365 Project – Days 137, 138, & 139

  1. I love the lines of this building. You captured it beautifully. I’m taking more time, when traveling around, to pay more attention to the architecture of the buildings and settings. Thanks!


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