365 Project – Days 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, & 89

April 25th, Day 84:

Day 84 April 25

I recently had friends visit from Texas. While they were here we went on a few walks around the neighborhood. During one of our walks we stopped by this cute little apartment complex. I love seeing these older buildings. The architecture and design of the buildings always leave me breathless. I am thankful to be able to find beauty in the space around me.

I snapped this photo with my Holga BC.

April 26th, Day 85:

Day 85 April 26

We went to Seattle for my friend’s birthday. We took time to walk around Pike’s Place and went to the Experience Music Project.
I love walking around Pike’s Place. Every time I visit I have a new experience.
While walking around Seattle we stopped into a little cafe. The baristas were very sweet and the coffee: delicious. My interaction with the baristas added to the positive experience I had while in Seattle. I am glad that I am able to appreciate the everyday kindness of others.
A simple smile from a stranger.
This is where I find joy.

I took this photo with my Holga BC.

April 27, Day 86:

Day 86 April 27

I have been living in my apartment complex for over six months. From the very beginning I wanted to stop and take a photo of this laundromat. I love the alternating colors. Usually, there are at least a few people doing laundry. On this quiet morning it was empty.
I took this opportunity to finally snap a photo.

I took this photo with my iPhone.

April 28th, Day 87:

Day 87 April 28

While walking or driving around town I often find things I want to photograph. One example is this little store front. I love the the rain clouds and the welcoming, “hello”. I am not in need of new furniture but I now have a desire to check out this store!
I was very excited to stop and take this photo.
About once a month I have photography days with my good friend, Justin Buchanan. We walk around and take photos together. On this day we decided to walk around 6th avenue in Tacoma.
I finally took a photo.
I am very excited about capturing this store front and hope that the photos I took with my Holga BC turn out.

I took this photo with my iPhone.

April 29th, Day 88:
Day 88 April 29

I am always testing out new jewelery ideas. This evening I decided to try making a beaded bracelet.
I am not a big fan of gold but I have always loved these bracelets.
It took me around an hour but I finished!
I am very excited about the way it turned out and am excited to continue to refine my technique.
If you want a bracelet, just let me know!

I took this photo with my iPhone.

April 30th, Day 89:

Day 89 April 30

Today I took Lily out for a walk. She wasn’t feeling very well so I decided to make it a quick walk around the block then back home for dinner. The sun was shining bright and the trees green and healthy.
I am very fortunate to have such a beautiful neighborhood. Lily loves getting out and sniffing around and I feel safe walking. Going for walks allows Lily to keep fit and also prevents me from sitting on the couch too long!

I love days like this.

I took this photo with my iPhone.


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