365 Project – Days 50 & 51

March 22nd, Day 50:

Day 50 March 22

I just finished my first week at my new job. Everyone was very nice and I am excited to continue to get to know them. I took a photo of this muffin because it exemplifies the caring and kind nature of my new office. A co-worker brought me one of his homemade muffins because he knew I wouldn’t be able to leave the front desk to go have one. It was a simple gesture but made me feel incredibly welcomed. I am very glad that I found a workplace that appreciates and accepts me.

This was taken with my Nikon P310.

March 23rd, Day 51:

Day 51 March 23

I already told you about my new little biscuit camera. Today I plan on testing the little guy out. The camera is very light and easy to use. It even takes videos! I am very thankful that I am able to treat myself to small things like this. I have a hobby that can be costly but by saving and being smart I have been able to enjoy it regardless.

I am very lucky.

I took this photo of me taking a photo with my iPhone.


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