365 Project – Day 12

February 12th, Day 12:

Day 12 Feb 12

To be honest, today was difficult. We all have those days. Days where nothing seems to go right. Days when you just can’t seem to cheer up. That was me today. I won’t go into the details why but, it wasn’t nice. Then I remembered I had bought these cute little cupcakes for Fletch and I. While it didn’t completely brighten my day it did make me feel a little better. I enjoyed the first few bites with Fletch while on his lunch break then finished it back at home. It is now my bed time and I still feel down but I go to bed with the peace of mind knowing that my entire day was not a complete bust. It is the small moments that make life worth while. I am so thankful to have Fletch. He always knows how to make me smile.


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